Well, that time is almost here. Here at the Final Fantasy Novel Project, on the 1st of October, you will be given a chance to read the first chapter ”The Kingdom of Cornelia’. So, please, stay tuned for more news about the series.


      The year was 1999, and I was a complete and utter video game nerd. My friends and I were always talking about the latest releases. I had seen promos for a new video game, Final Fantasy VIII. From the beginning, I was in love. when I first played the game, I realised that it was not only graphically a spectacle, but it also contained a brilliant narrative that would give Harry Potter and Star Wars a run for its money.

Even now, twelve years later, and I still have a love for the Final Fantasy franchise. I think that it would be criminal to rob this series of novel having a  fantastic novelisation, written by a fan, not a writer who is so detatched that everything comes out wrong and feels like a completely different story. I hope that these novelisations will satisfy that thirst to go through these amazing stories again.

In the first installment of the classic series, we follow the journey of the four Warriors of Light, trying to restore peace and order to their dying planet, and destroy the maniacal rogue knight, Garland.

This is certainly not the strongest narrative in the series (I have had to add a little padding), but it is important to understand the time. this was an age when Super Mario Brothers was one of the most narrative driven video games. So, let’s begin this epic journey with Final Fantasy I: A Novelisation.

Please click here and sign the petition to have this series published. If we get enough signiatures, we can send it to Square-Enix and maybe (finally) have these books for not only us fans, but also fantasy lovers alike to enjoy.